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The Arab/Israel conflict.
House of Lords. January 9th 1992.

House of Lords. February 3rd 1992.

National Farmers' Union Annual General Meeting.
February 11th 1992.

CBI Service.
Derby Cathedral. May 10th 1992.

Debate on the Queen's Speech.
House of Lords. May 12th 1992.

The Golden Lecture.
St Lawrence Jewry. June 4th 1992.

Debate on Multi-Faith Worship.
General Synod. July 12th 1992.

The Gospel as Public Truth: The Challenge to the Church.
July 14th 1992.

Mirfield Centennial Service.
July 18th 1992.

Address to the General Theological Seminary, New York.
September 20th 1992.

Trust in the People: Democracy and the Christian Faith.
Barnett Lecture. October 5th 1992.

But where shall Wisdom be Found?
Leeds University. November 1st 1992.

Remembrance and Tolerance.
All Souls College, Oxford. November 8th 1992.

Presidential Address on the Ordination of Women.
General Synod. November 12th 1992.

Churches' National Housing Coalition Service.
Westminster Abbey. November 30th 1992.

Council for Christians and Jews, Annual General Meeting.
December 1st 1992.