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Report on Sudan visit.
House of Lords. January 18th 1994.

The Challenge of Pluralism to Religion and the Role of Leadership within Religions.
International Jewish-Christian Conference. February 4th 1994.

Poverty and Exclusion.
Address to FWA Colloquium. February 21st 1994.

Sunday Trading.
House of Lords. March 29th 1994.

Easter Sermon.
Canterbury Cathedral. April 3rd 1994.

Secularism, Theology and the Mission of the Church.
University of Theology, Uppsala. April 18th 1994.

Ordination of Women to the Priesthood.
Sermon given in Canterbury Cathedral. May 8th 1994.

Celebrating Christian Faith in an Age of Indifference.
Address given to the Genaral Assembly of Scotland. May 25th 1994.

D-Day 50th Anniversary Commemoration Service.
June 5th 1994.

Lay Presidency.
General Synod. July 10th 1994.

Faith in Resistance. A Tribute to the Bell-Bonhoeffer Tradition.
Chichester Cathedral. July 20th 1994.

Black Anglican Celebration for the Decade of Evangelism.
University of York. July 22nd 1994.

150th Anniversary of the YMCA.
Westminster Abbey. July 28th 1994.

Good News for the World.
St John's Cathedral, Hong Kong. September 11th 1994.

Sharing the Faith Today.
Nanjing Theological Seminary. September 12th 1994.

Thanksgiving on arrival in Shanghai.
Shanghai Community Church. September 14th 1994.

William Tyndale; Reformer and Rebel.
Lecture at Lambeth Palace. October 5th 1994.

Between Scylla and Charybdis: Historic Orthodoxy or Extinction.
The C S Lewis Lecture at King's College, London. October 20th 1994.

The Ethics of Business and the Role of the Church.
Manchester Business School. November 7th 1994.

Standards in Public Life.
House of Lords. November 22nd 1994.

Thanksgiving Day Service for the American Community in London.
St Paul's Cathedral, London. November 25th 1994.

Heritage and Renewal: Report of the Archbishops' Commission on Cathedrals.
General Synod. November 29th 1994.

The Paradox of Christmas.
Canterbury Cathedral Christmas Sermon. December 25th 1994.