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To Proclaim Afresh.
Evangelical Anglican Leaders' Conference. January 7th 1995.

Commemoration Day Service.
Madras Christian College. February 15th 1995.

Supporting the Anglican Communion.
March 8th 1995.

Justice and Peace Join Hands.
4th Lincoln Conference (Prisons). April 8th 1995.

Easter Sermon.
Canterbury Cathedral. April 16th 1995.

Motivated for Mission.
Spring Harvest. April 19th 1995.

Re-focussing the Church for a New Millennium.
Anglican Evangelical Assembly. April 29th 1995.

VE Day Service.
St Paul's Cathedral. May 7th 1995.

Living in Hope of the Resurrection.
Amahoro National Stadium, Rwanda. May 13th 1995.

Speech Day.
Wellington College. May 27th 1995.

Commission for the Church.
Ecumenical Service, Barrow. June 25th 1995.

Porvoo Common Statement.
General Synod, York. July 9th 1995.

Youth Apart.
General Synod, York. July 13th 1995.

Mission and Unity.
Forum of Churches Together in England. July 14th 1995.

G-Code Conference.
Kanuga Conference Centre, USA. September 6th 1995.

A Pioneering Mission.
Barbados. September 9th 1995.

Anglican Renewal Ministries.
September 25th 1995.

The Challenges Facing Christian-Muslim Dialogue.
The Al Azhar University, Cairo. October 4th 1995.

Inter-Religious Dialogue.
Khartoum. October 8th 1995.

Called to Serve: Christian Ministry and Mission in a Post-Modern World.
The William Barclay Lecture. November 15th 1995.

Welcoming HM the Queen to the Sixth General Synod.
November 1995.