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The Spirit of America and the Future of Western Civilisation
The Bell Lecture for 2004

Christianity and Islam. Collision or convergence?
Gregorian University. March 25th 2004.

Values in the University of the 21st Century.
University of Gloucestershire. April 27th 2004.

Tribute to Pope John Paul II.
May 10th 2004.

Islam and the West: The Challenge to the Human Family.
7th Annual Sternberg Lecture. May 12th 2004.

The Work of the Holy Spirit in the 21st Century.
SOMA Conference. July 5th 2004

Muslim/Christian Relationships: A New Age of Hope?
July 24th 2004

"For Better or For Worse": Marriage and the Future of the Family.
Address to the Mother's Union of Bath and Wells. September 20 2004.

St Nicholas of Myra.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. December 6 2004.