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Charter Day sermon. Luke 10.25-37.
Merchant Venturers, Bristol. November 10th 2010.

Florence Nightingale Centenary Service.
Romsey Abbey. November 8th 2010.

Intelligence Squared Debate.
Royal Geographical Society Building. November 3rd 2010.

Intolerant Secularism and its Impact on Modern Britain.
Royal College of Psychiatrists. October 29th 2010.

Millennium Youth Choir 10th Anniversary.
St Peter's Chester Square, London. October 16th 2010.

Trinity Students Reunion.
September 4th 2010.

St George's Pilgrimage.
St George's, Wash Common, Newbury. August 8th 2010.

Trinity Sunday.
St George's, Newbury. May 2010.

Lime Street Ward Club.
City of London. May 19th 2010.

Celebrating 950 years since the Consecration of King Harold's Church.
Waltham Abbey Church. May 2nd 2010.

Challenges of our times.
Rochester Cathedral Business Guild Dinner. April 27th 2010.

The Banality of Evil and Humanity's Quest for Redemption.
St. Petersburg State University. April 23rd 2010.

Ashburnham 50th Anniversary.
Ashburnham Place. April 3rd 2010.

Palm Sunday.
St George's, Wash Common. March 2010.

How passionate are we about the Christian message?
Clovis, Albuquerque. March 21st 2010.

Bishop Terry Kelshaw Lecture 1. Our position before God.
Albuquerque. March 2010.

Bishop Terry Kelshaw Lecture 2. The Power of God in Christian Living.
Albuquerque. March 2010.

Bishop Terry Kelshaw Lecture 3. Prayer and the People of God.
Albuquerque. March 2010.

Bishop Terry Kelshaw Lecture 4. Transforming the People of God.
Albuquerque. March 2010.

The Cathedral of St John, Albuquerque. March 12th 2010

Christian Broadcasting Council.
Annual Meeting. February 25th 2010.

God's Presence in Everyday Life.
Newbury Deanery Lent Course. February 22nd 2010.

St Albright's Church, Stanway, Essex.
800th Aniversary. 7th February 2010

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
Winchester Cathedral. 24th January 2010