Know the Truth

Know the Truth

This remarkable and candid memoir marks the first time in history that an Archbishop of Canterbury has written his autobiography. Know the Truth tells George Carey's own story from growing up in Dagenham to his experiences in the RAF in the early fifties, of how he was to become Bishop of Bath and Wells and thereafter attained the position of Archbishop of Canterbury itself. With warmth and compassion, George Carey recounts the joys and struggles of a life spent living out the practical tenets of belief. From his first nervous introduction to theological discourse to the acceptance of the position of Canterbury at the invitation of the Prime Minister, Carey's course has been coloured by an unflinching determination to face truth - whatever it may be - head-on.

As one of the few in his generation to break through social and wealth barriers to senior public office, George Carey looks back over the path he trod - some steps anticipated and keenly worked towards, others taken wholly by surprise - and his involvement worldwide with all the prominent leaders and personalities of the day. George Carey's memoir provides a unique and fascinating insight into family, friendship and marriage as well as addressing the wider political aspects of his time as Bishop and Archbishop.

He was to arrive at Lambeth at one of the most turbulent periods in recent theological history: most believed there to be increasing conceptual and cultural gaps between the Church and lay life, particularly that of young people; during Carey's time in office the Church of England was to vote on and embrace the ordination of women; and the deep-set challenges of a delicate power balance and financial control were to culminate in the formation of the Lambeth Group. Carey's commitment to unity and action in the Church and his conviction in the power of fellowship are reflected in his achievements there, whilst on the wider stage further participation in national structures and media opportunities were beckoning.

Know the Truth is a view from the bridge into what it is like to hold one of the great – and nowadays one of the most sensitive – offices in the country, to head a Church of 70 million people worldwide and to bring both leadership and diplomacy to a prominent public role.

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